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Professional formulas for deep protection.

A great innovation in every product

We are committed to creating solutions that respond innovatively to the most diverse needs in terms of cleaning and hygiene, at home as well as in professional environments. That is why every Marka product is based on years of study and research. Our formulas are the result of accurate scientific work which we dedicate ourselves to passionately, for more than 3,500 hours a year. In our laboratories we invest in cutting-edge technologies and professional excellence. Marka products are made with superior quality raw materials. Every day we work to live up to our commitment with the consumer: to create ever more extraordinary products, ahead of their time.

100% Italian value

Marka is made in Italy. The entire supply chain is in-house, from product concept to chemical formulation, from bottling to labelling. Every single manufacturing phase is rigorously controlled to guarantee the highest quality standards. We have a research laboratory, a department dedicated to cosmetics, and one authorised for the production of medical and surgical devices. And, above all, we can boast an all-Italian passion and creativity.

Working for sustainability

We are committed to making responsible decisions for the well-being of all and for the protection of environmental resources. This is why we actively contribute to the United Nations Global Goals by working towards the 2030 sustainable development goals. We have eliminated micro- and nano-plastics from our cosmetics and are committed to eliminating them from our detergent products by 2026 as well. We support responsible consumption practices and engage in community welfare projects. By 2025, 80% of our packaging will be made in 50% recycled plastic and fully recyclable after use. Let’s do our part, the world is asking us to.