Cleanliness and hygiene, seriously.

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Marka. Because hygiene and cleanliness are no laughing matter.

The world has changed. Today, more than ever, we all have a great need for protection. And we want a guarantee for innovative, scientific, high-performing products.
In a word, we want serious products. For over 60 years, Marka has been committed to finding safer and more effective solutions for cleaning and sanitation in professional environments. This research has allowed us to create new-generation, highly specialised products that are 100% made in Italy with top-quality raw materials.
Drawing on our long experience in professional cleaning, today we can take on a new commitment: to give every home, every person, the protection they deserve.

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In search of perfect cleanliness.

Behind every Marka formulation lies a rigorous scientific study. We spend time and resources studying and analysing the changing needs of demanding cleaners like you. And we strive to respond with increasingly specialised and innovative solutions.
This is why we carry out continuous research and why our laboratories are among the most advanced in terms of technology, tools and human resources.
Because we believe that effectiveness and safety should not just be a promise, but a guarantee.


More than products, actual specialists.

Each type of surface, each specific need, requires an appropriate solution.
At Marka you will find a wide choice of highly specialised products, designed to solve every cleaning need with maximum effectiveness and in the shortest possible time.
Our household sanitation formulas have long been used in critical professional environments such as cosmetics companies and healthcare facilities. And they’re tested to grant you not only excellent cleanliness but also safe hygiene.

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Pulire sul serio

The Pulire sul serio line brings professional cleaning performance into your home. Thanks to innovative formulas, generated by our experience in professional cleaning, you can count on a complete line of highly specialised products.
From daily cleaning to the maintenance and care for specific objects and materials, Marka always guarantees you the right product to solve every problem with top results.


Igiene sul serio

Today, the concept of cleaning is expanding: it no longer means simply cleaning rooms, but has become a sign of protection and love for yourself and your family.
On this principle, Marka has created a line of professional quality products that respond to our growing need for protection and safety.
Our sanitizing products adhere to the strictest WHO and Ministry of Health recommendations.