Cloroattivo Pavimenti

Cloroattivo Pavimenti

Active chlorine floor sanitizer.

Professional sanitizing detergent based on 0.3% active chlorine specific for all chlorine-resistant floors. Sanitizes and perfumes. Not suitable for marble and parquet.

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Why use

  • Sanitizes and provides protection and safety.
  • Provides a pleasant clean and fresh scent.
  • The content of 0.3% active chlorine is three times as high as recommended by the Italian National Health Institute and the WHO.


Igienizza e profuma
Formula 3 volte più efficace rispetto alle raccomandazioni del Ministero della Salute

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Box of 1 Lt

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Where to use




How to use


  • Pour 1 or 2 caps of product in 5 litres water for a thorough sanitizing action. Double the dose to remove difficult dirt.


  • Apply the diluted solution on the surface to be sanitized using a rag or mop.


  • Necessary.


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