Igienizzante Tech

Igienizzante Tech

Sanitizer for touchscreens.

Professional sanitizing detergent with protective action molecules, specific for deep and safe hygiene of screens, tablets, smartphones, keyboards and all touchscreens. Cleans, sanitizes and removes smudges and stains while respecting the delicate high-tech surfaces. Gel formulation. Ideal for home and office.

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Box of 350 Ml

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Why use

  • Removes smudges and stains.
  • Gel formulation, ideal for vertical surfaces too.


Rimuove aloni e impronte da monitor e schermi
Formula antistatica

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Box of 350 Ml

SKU: CMA 55830

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How to use


  • Not necessary.


  • Dispense the product on a soft microfibre cloth and apply gently on the surface to be sanitized, without exerting too much pressure. Does not require rinsing. Do not use on speakers and microphones or on water sensitive surfaces.


  • Not necessary.


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