Scioglighiaccio Freezer & Frigo

Scioglighiaccio Freezer & Frigo

Sanitizing ice melter for refrigerators.

Professional defrosting agent specific for fridges, freezers and frozen surfaces. Its special formula with detergent and sanitizing action accelerates the defrosting process, making it easier to remove ice. It can also be used to defrost windows, locks, car and motorcycle windshields, and to prevent ice from forming on surfaces.

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Why use

  • Prevents the formation of ice.
  • Cleans and sanitizes without rinsing.
  • Ideal also for car and motorbike windows and windscreens.


Anche per parabrezza
Formula alcoolica igienizzante

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Box of 400 + 100 Ml

SKU: CMA 20388

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Where to use

How to use


  • Not necessary.


  • Remove all food and then turn off the refrigerator or freezer. Dispense the product on ice and on all internal surfaces that need to be cleaned. Leave the product in until the ice detaches from the walls or melts, then remove it, and wipe off residual water by using an absorbent cloth. No need to rinse. Dry with a clean dry cloth, then turn on the appliance.


  • Not necessary.


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