Viafuliggine Stufe & Camini

Viafuliggine Stufe & Camini

Descaling detergent for stoves and fireplaces’ glasses.

Specific professional descaling detergent to quickly remove the dirt that forms on the glass of fireplaces and stoves. Eliminates encrustations of charred grease, resins and tar. It can be used on any type of encrusted surface (burners, ovens, fryers, suction fans, etc).

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Why use

  • Removes grease, resin, and tar incrustations.
  • Does not leave halos.
  • Cleans and removes scale without scratching.


Rimuove dai vetri le incrostazioni di fuliggine e catrame
Formula anti aloni

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Box of 400 + 100 Ml

SKU: CMA 12188

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How to use


  • Not necessary.


  • Dispense the product directly onto the surface to be cleaned, leave it in for a few minutes, then remove it with a damp cloth and rinse with water. Do not use on hot surfaces. On painted surfaces, cast iron and light alloys, check the colour fastness by applying the product on a hidden surface. Do not use on porous, marble or stone surfaces.


  • Necessary.


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