Detergente Delicato Parquet

Detergente Delicato Parquet

Cleaner for parquet and delicate surfaces.

Neutral professional detergent conceived for daily cleaning of parquet floors, laminates, wood-effect porcelain stoneware and all particularly delicate floors. Cleanses thoroughly while preserving the surfaces. Its particular formulation protects and enhances the finish of varnished parquet, removing stains and dirt. It releases a persistent aromatherapy fragrance into the environment.

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Why use

  • Enhances the beauty of parquet.
  • Does not affect original finishes and protections.
  • Releases a pleasant citron and amber scent.


Esalta la bellezza delle venature
Formula extra lucentezza

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Box of 1 Lt

SKU: CMA 03589

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Where to use




How to use


  • Pour 1 or 2 caps of product in 5 litres water. Double the dose to remove difficult dirt.


  • Apply the diluted solution on the surface to be cleaned using a mop. It is recommended to wring out the cloth or mop as much as possible before use.


  • Not necessary.


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