Schiuma Attiva Forni & Grill

Schiuma Attiva Forni & Grill

Descaler for ovens, grills, cooking plates and barbecues.

Professional foaming descaling detergent for grills, ovens and cooking plates. Removes and eliminates cooking residues, encrusted and charred dirt while preserving surfaces. It is ideal for barbecues and oven glasses.

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Box of 400+100 Ml

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Why use

  • Removes dirt, grease and scale thoroughly.
  • Sticks to vertical surfaces.
  • For warm and cold use.


Rinnova forni, grill e barbecue
Formula disincrostante a risciacquo facile

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Box of 400+100 Ml

SKU: CMA 04889

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How to use


  • Not necessary.


  • Dispense the product directly on the surface to be treated, possibly when still hot (max 40°C). Leave in for at least 10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.<br /> Do not use on aluminium, cast iron and metal alloys.


  • Necessary.


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